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Capital School District is participating in the Summer Food Service Program. Meals will be provided to all children without charge and are the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability, and there will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service. Meals will be provided, at a first come, first serve basis. Click here for locations and times within Capital School District.  For the nearest location to you, visit

Delaware Department of Education Recognition School 2016

Welcome to North Dover Elementary

855 State College Road
Dover, Delaware 19904
(302) 672-1980 Phone
(302) 672-1985 Fax
Parent Attendance e-mail:

Kelly Green, Principal
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 2018 North Dover Teacher of the Year Jennifer Crowe
Supply List 2017-2018

Book Bag
Pencil Box
2 Boxes of Tissues (to share with class)
1 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer--(Boys)
1 Clorox Wipes or Wet Wipes – (Girls)
2 Marble Notebooks
1 Pair of Fiskar Scissors
4 Glue Sticks
1 Box of 16 Count Crayons (Crayola is  
First Grade
Book Bag
1 Container of Disinfectant Wipes-Boys
1 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer – (Girls)
1 Box of 24 Count Crayons (Crayola is preferred)
1 Packages of #2 Pencils
1 Pair of Fiskar Scissors
1 Plastic Pencil Box to keep at school with supplies
1 Box of Tissues (to share with class)
1 Package of Pencil Top Erasers-optional
12 Glue Sticks
Second Grade
Book Bag
Ear Buds/Headphones
Glue Sticks
5x8 Plastic Pencil Box
Pencil Cap Erasers/Big Eraser
3 Big Boxes of Kleenex (to share with class)
2 Container of Disinfectant Wipes
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (to share with
Third Grade
Book Bag
Ear Buds  (No Headphones)
2 Marble Composition Book (not spiral and please
    don’t label them)
2 Boxes of Tissues (to share with class)
Colored Pencils
Glue Sticks
1 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer – (Girls)
1 Container of Disinfectant Wipes – (Boys)
Fourth Grade
Book Bag
Ear Buds  (No Headphones) 
Pencils and Erasers
3 Ring Notebook Paper, Wide Ruled
Colored Pencils
1 Red Pen
2 Boxes of Tissues (to share with class)
2 Highlighters
2 composition Notebooks
1 Container of Clorox Wipes
1 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
1 Glue Stick

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